Press Release: Xcelerate Software & JOC Analytics

JOC Analytics, LLC and Xcelerate Software Announce a Strategic integration of Powerview as yet another great complement for Xcelerate’ s client base.

Nokomis, FL, 8/2/23

JOC Analytics, LLC, a leading data analytics company, and Xcelerate Software, a Restoration Job Management software solution, are pleased to announce their strategic integration. This collaboration aims to bring cutting-edge analytics capabilities to Xcelerate Customers, transforming the way Customers analyze and utilize their data.

With data becoming a vital asset for businesses worldwide, the need for efficient data analytic tools has never been greater. Through this integration, JOC Analytics’ powerful data analytics platform, Powerview, will integrate seamlessly with Xcelerate Software’s Job Management and CRM software solutions, offering clients enhanced data visualization capabilities. The integration of Powerview into Xcelerate Software’s suite will enable users to gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions, boosting overall efficiency and productivity.

“Our partnership with Xcelerate Software is a significant milestone for JOC Analytics,” said Chris Hill, Partner of JOC Analytics. “We are excited to combine Powerview’s advanced data visualization capabilities with Xcelerate Software’s robust enterprise solutions. Together, we aim to empower organizations with the tools they need to unlock the full potential of their data and drive their business forward.”

Powerview provides users with intuitive and customizable data visualization dashboards that enable real-time data analysis and reporting. With click-and-modify functionalities and interactive charts, Powerview allows users to explore complex datasets effortlessly. Combining this platform with Xcelerate Software’s suite of enterprise solutions will provide a comprehensive data-driven solution for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and drive growth.

“At Xcelerate, our topmost priority is the success of our customers. This integration serves as a testament to our dedication to equipping contractors with the tools they need to achieve growth and scalability. We are ecstatic to collaborate with JOC Analytics, empowering our customers with robust data insights,” said Rachel Stewart, CEO of Xcelerate Software. “Powerview’s capabilities align perfectly with our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that help our clients leverage data-driven insights for success in today’s fiercely competitive landscape.”

About JOC Analytics

JOC Analytics is a data analytics company at the forefront of transforming complex data into actionable insights. With a passion for innovation, JOC Analytics provides industry-leading solutions that empower businesses to harness the power of their data for strategic decision-making.

About Xcelerate Software

Xcelerate Software is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions designed to streamline business processes and enhance overall efficiency. With a focus on delivering robust and scalable solutions for restoration contractors, Xcelerate Software is committed to helping organizations achieve operational excellence.

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