What Our Clients Say About Us

Powerview has been one of the most beneficial tools for running C&C. All our staff utilizes it daily and our Managers have never had quicker access to the information they need to react to the business. Even our Business Development staff are using it to assist them with their sales efforts.

Bill CorneliusPresident | CNC Complete Services

CRBR has been working with JOC’s “Powerview Reports” for over 3 years now. Using Powerview has made a process of getting information so much easier. If you're anything like me, I want to be able to get the information now and not a grueling process. The information is always at my fingertips. I also like the ability to get reports customized and readily available when I want with just a phone call. I highly recommend JOC and their Powerview product as it has made getting information so much easier.

Danny J. Andreasen Sr.President | Cleanrite-Buildrite

From critic to believer. I was hesitant to add cost and also to manage another system, Powerview has saved our company money and has provided us real time visibility to the health of our business. The team is easy to work with, offers great insight into various dashboards and has quickly become an integral part of our daily operation at Kelmann.

Thomas KellyPresident | Kelmann Restoration

Powerview is the single BEST restoration business tool you can have. The entire restoration industry talks about Key Performance Indicators … the problem with KPI’s is, it already happened. The problem with that is you are making decisions based on the past.

Powerview shows you your Critical Drivers. Critical Drivers are in the now. Powerview gives you the ability to make intelligent decisions based on what is happening today. Powerview is the one tool you don’t want your competition to have.

Jeremy ShambaughCEO – Master Restorer | Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration

As an owner of a restoration company, access to information regarding the health of your specific jobs as well as the overall company is paramount. Endless amounts of time can be spent in digging to find the information and creating various documents to share with your staff. Powerview allows not only owners but front-line management staff the ability to sift through mountains of data creating timely, relevant and very valuable information. This information allows decision makers and front-line management the ability to make quick decisions backed by factual data, thus creating tremendous efficiencies within their daily life. From an ownership standpoint, Powerview provides lightning quick, high-level analysis of the health of every facet of your company. Beyond that, all restoration companies are run just a little bit different. As a result of that, if/when you want to see information differently, Powerview is fully customizable. The possibilities are endless, and the time saving is invaluable.

I highly recommend this product to any restoration company looking to scale their business efficiently.

Brent WernerPresident | Werner Restoration Services, Inc.

We have been using Powerview for an extended period now and could not be happier with the ease of use and the amount of data that it keeps at our fingertips! The amount of time it saves us in not running reports 100 different ways has paid for itself alone. The tool lets us get a snapshot of where we are at all times when it comes to job management.

We have been extremely happy with the staff of JOC as they have made it seamless, and their service is very responsive!

If you are running Restoration Manager without having this attached, then you are missing the boat and costing yourself a lot of headache and money.

I can’t imagine not having this after using it as it has made my ability to se the pulse of the company and know how we are performing and where to make adjustments immediately!


Jason FletcherOwner, Peoria | Servpro

We have been a Powerview client for two years now and it’s been an absolute game changer for us. Our current job management software does not have the ability to provide the kind of analytics or speed we are looking for when analyzing the data.

Powerview, gives us an incredible management tool to show our branches exactly where they are versus their budgets as well as how they compare to our other branches. IT also allows the General Managers to measure and coach individual Team Members performance in a way we have not been able to do so in the past.

Having great software is paramount in the industry today. What sets Powerview apart from a lot of the other software we work with, is their support. Working with Jarrett is a true pleasure as he is on top of things right away.

I don’t know how any company can be run efficiently without having a tool like this.


Mike BevilacquaChief Culture Officer | Mammoth Restoration

Powerview has helped put real-time data in our hands, so we can spend more time affecting the results instead of compiling the reports. Data changes hourly in our industry, and printed reports didn’t allow us to run as fast as we needed. Good data drives good decisions, and our team members and customers have benefitted greatly.

Trent AndersonCOO | Southeast Restoration

I wanted to thank you and the entire JOC team for everything that you have done for me and my company! Since we started using Powerview a few years back, it has transformed our company into something I never dreamed it could be. Allowing me and my team to look at live numbers along with timeframes has made a significant difference in our margins and customer satisfaction. I encourage everyone that I meet in this industry to get on it and would recommend it to anyone that is considering getting signed up, it will transform your company and make your life so much easier!

Shawn FolksCEO | Guarantee Restoration Services