Our Mission

At JOC Analytics, we strive to empower our clients to manage their businesses more efficiently by providing them with the best tools and solutions. Our business intelligence tool, Powerview™, helps our clients access relevant data and analytics quickly, enabling them to make informed decisions and streamline their business management processes. With our assistance, our clients can save time and effort by eliminating the need to analyze and manage their business data manually.

Our Team

Chris Hill

Chris Hill is a seasoned business professional with over four decades of experience in a multitude of industries, of which the last 20 years have been in the restoration. Throughout his career, Chris has held various roles, including Director of Marketing, Office Manager, and General Manager of a multi-location company with annual revenues exceeding $12 million. In 2011, Chris founded JCMH Consulting to help clients achieve profitability and growth, and since then, the company has worked with hundreds of clients. Chris has a passion for business and feels their plight. His proven behavior models for the restoration industry are the foundation in which Powerview supports! 

Owen Jones

Owen Jones is a skilled technology professional with a deep understanding of how technology can support and enhance business growth. With a passion for data analysis and over 15 years of experience providing technology solutions to small and medium-sized companies, Owen is dedicated to helping his clients excel by empowering their employees and managers with the tools they need to effectively analyze and manage large volumes of information. He understands the importance of technology in driving high performance and is committed to helping his clients achieve success through the use of innovative solutions.

Jarrett Moore

Jarrett Moore is a highly skilled data analyst with a keen eye for numbers and a deep understanding of analytics. Known for his tenacity and persistence, Jarrett is confident in his ability to solve complex problems and is exceptionally skilled at working with intricate mathematical analytics models. He has a passion for finding simple solutions to complex challenges and loves the process of piecing together the puzzle of data analytics. With his expertise and dedication, Jarrett is well-equipped to help businesses make informed decisions based on sound data analysis. 

Kenny Brewer

Kenny Brewer is an accomplished leader with over 15 years of experience, including time as a commissioned officer in the US Army and various roles in entrepreneurship and product management. With a passion for business development and a knack for cultivating strong relationships, Kenny excels at optimizing both people and processes. His background in developing data analytics tools further enhances the value he brings to the JOC team and our clients. He demonstrates a keen ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams and customers and is dedicated to finding solutions that drive continuous improvement and excellence within our company.